30. Deaths In Quitman, Jail, Lynchings uring the week of terror May 1918, and more....

We regret all members of our Law Enforcement Community who have lost their lives in the line of duty. However, it appears that too many ordinary American Citizens are dying at the hands of Law Enforcement across the nation for whatever reasons. Therefore all people of good will, will be be policing the police. This is an honest attempt to let the record speak for itself----in 2007 in our beloved State of Georgia. And in the end only truth will win and stand the test of time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Death of Mary Turner Lynching: "The Week Of Terror In Quitman, Valdosta, Folsom Bridge Monument of Mary Turner (1918) and more...

Brooks, Valdosta, and Lowndes County Georgia week of terror (May 17, 1918).

The truth must told and EXPOSED concerning these Black African Americans for whatever reason. They were murdered and never had their day in court. Their souls are crying out from beyond their grave until this very day. I hope that all people of goodwill seek healing and forgiveness for the good of all.

VICTIM #1. Mr. Will Head, Captured near Barney on Friday morning, May 17, 1938.

EXCUTION: (Lynched) A rope was “tied around his neck, he was compelled to climb a tree and jump from a limb, while the other end of the rope was securely fastened to another tree. His body was riddled with bullets and what remained was left hanging for all to see. Newspapers reported that hundreds of people from surrounding countries visited the grisly scene throughout the day on Saturday, May 18. (Ref. Savannah Morning News, May 19, 1918), Memphis Press, May 21, 1918), Atlanta constitution, May 19, 1918)

VICTIM #2. Will Thompson, Taken to Camp Ground Church between Morven and Barney and hanged there later Friday Night on May 17, 1918. (Lynched).

VICTIM #3. Julius Jones, Captured evening Friday, May 17,1918, (Lynched), Details sketchy, but he was hanged about daylight. His body was left hanging the entire day of Saturday.

VICTIM #4. Hayes Turner, captured, placed under arrest, and taken to the Brooks County Jail in Quitman. HANGED at the fork of the Morven and Barney Roads. His body was left hanging from Saturday night until Monday morning and hundreds of residents viewed the remains. On Monday his body was cut down and buried a few feet away.

VICTIM #5. Eugene Rice, HANGED Saturday afternoon at the Camp Ground Church between Morven and Barney.

VICTIM #6. Chine Riley, HANGED, The mob tied clay turpentine cups to his body and threw it in the Little River near Barney.

VICTIM #7. Simon Schuman was called out of his house near Berlin on the Moultrie Road and was not seen again.

VICTIM #8. Mary Turner, LYNCHED, on Saturday, CAPTURED, on Sunday afternoon and taken to Folsom’s Bridge over the Little River, just outside of Barney on the Brooks-Lowndes County border. At this location Mary Turner and her unborn child were killed in an especially barbaric and brutal manner. The MOB TIED HER ANKLES TOGETHER AND HANGED HER TO A TREE HEAD DOWN AND GASOLINE FROM AUTOMOBILES WAS POURED OVER HER. TURNER’S CLOTHING WAS BURNED OFF OF HER BODY. A member of the mob produced a sharp knife and her stomach was laid open; her unborn child fell to the ground. HUNDREDS OF BULLETS WERE THEN FIRED INTO TURNER UNTIL SHE WAS BARELY RECOGNIZABLE AS A HUMAN BEING. Both Turner and her child were buried about ten feet from the tree, the grave marked by a whiskey bottle with a cigar placed in the neck---but this episode stands out as being particularly gruesome. It is an indication that the mob would spare no person in exacting its revenge, even if it meant killing an unborn child.

VICTIM #9. The eight month old Fetus of Mary turner…More to come on this little one…..

VICTIM #10, UNIDENTIFIED: 1 of 3, Black men was taken from the Little River below Barney. Little was known of these individuals and it is unclear whether they were additional victims of the mob or the bodies of those already LYNCHED.

VICTIM #11, UNIDENTIFIED: 2 of 3, Black Men that was taken from the Little River.

VICTIM #12, UNIDENTIFIED: 3 of 3 Black Men that was taken from the Little River. Special Note: The NAACP’s investigator never learned their names and he could not locate the bodies when he visited the county in July, but known as additional victims of the mob as, the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.

VICTIM #13. Sidney Johnson, the final confirmed victim of the mob violence, the thirteenth to die, was the man who actually shot the White Plantation owner Hampton Smith. After saying HE would not be taken alive and on Wednesday, May 22, Johnson was located in Valdosta at the home of John Bryant, a black man from whom Johnson asked food and assistance in escaping. Bryant gave Johnson something to eat, but quickly left his home to contact law enforcement officials.

After a short stand off the firing between police and Johnson ended. Johnson was filled with bullets and then the officers fired a few more shots into his body. SPECIAL NOTE: Walter White reported that the crowd “took the body, unsexed it with a sharp knife, [and] and threw the amputated parts into the street in front of the house.

The Mod then tied a rope around the dead man’s neck and attached the other end to the back of an automobile. The body was dragged down Patterson Street in Valdosta, Georgia and then on to Barney where the remains were put on exhibit. At the Camp Ground, located about halfway between Barney and Morven, the body was prepared for burning.

One newspaper reported that the corpse was “placed upon a flat pine stump and large quantities of wood piled around it, and the whole was then thoroughly saturated with oil.” Sidney Johnson was then burned until nothing but ashes remained.

SO NOW! When did ABC, NBC, CBS, and our South Georgia News Papers publish a story on these historical DEATHS? Why did they fail to cover the event on May 16, 2009, wherein 350 citizens participated a ceremony and memo ration service at the community center in Hahira? Then a 105-vehicle motorcade proceeded with Hahira Police escort to the Little River Bridge to a cross-dedicated to Mary Turner and the twelve Black African Americans.


My heart goes out to all VICTIMS on both sides of the BLACK AND WHITE divide--of this week of terror in Brooks, and Lowndes County Georgia in 1918. This posting is not complete but will be revisited SOON….


  • At 2:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great information!!!

  • At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm from Barney...the ghost story that grew up hearing was, when u cross that bridge at nite u can still hear a lady screaming...alot of the names are names of alot of my relatives...some of this info sounds like witnesses to the crimes...

  • At 10:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My Monther told me about Mary Turner when I was in Highschool. It was so hard to believe WOW!!

  • At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My Mother told me about Mary Turner when I was in Highschool. It was so hard to believe WOW!!


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